Judicial Review/Administrative Law

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Parties Subject Citation Date
An Application by Mustapha Ramathan for Orders of Certiorari, Prohibition and Injunction Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 25 of 1996 02 Jul 1998
In the matter of Section 38 of the Judicature Statute 1996 and In the Matter of the Retirement of David Behimisa Bashakara by the District Service Commission, Mbarara District Local Government Council 1.Commissioner for oaths rules(procedure) 2.affidavits High Court HCT-05-CV-MA-No. 0048 of 2001 27 Jul 2001
Kaggwa Andrew and 5 Others vs. Honourable Minister of Internal Affairs Fair treatment (Art 42 Constitution) High Court HCT-00-CV-MC-0105 of 2002 14 Oct 2002
Kikonda Butema Farms Ltd vs. The Inspector General of Government Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 35 of 2002 30 May 2003
Pastori Tumwebaze vs. Edson Kanyabwera Review Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 75 of 2003 05 Apr 2004
Perez Kakumu vs. The Attorney General Interdiction Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 113 of 2003 02 Jul 2004
Gustro Ltd/Oxford University Press vs. The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Certiorari High Court Miscellaneous Appl. No. 21 of 2004 17 Jan 2005
Mpungu and Sons Transporters Ltd vs. Attorney General and Another - Natural Justice Supreme Court Civil Appeal No. 17 of 2001 14 Mar 2006
Denis Bireije vs. Attorney General Appeals against prerogative orders Court of Appeal Civil Application No. 31 of 2005 07 Sep 2006
In the matter of Boniface I, Arinze Emmanuel Chukuma Onuoha and Another vs. The Commandant, Aviation Police Entebbe Fair hearing High Court Miscellaneous Cause No. 172 of 2006 13 Sep 2006
Onegi Obel Geofrey vs. The Attorney General Leave to apply for Judicial Review High Court Miscellaneous Cause No. 165 of 2005 24 Nov 2006
Honourable Justice R.O. Okumu Wengi vs. Attorney General Cause of action High Court Miscellaneous Appl. No. 233 of 2006 19 Feb 2007
Grace Bamurangye Bororoza & 53 Others vs. Dr. Kasirivu Atwooki & 5 Others Application for a judicial writ. Court of Appeal Civil Appl. No. 44 of 2008 18 Jul 2008