Divorce and Domestic Relations

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Parties Subject Citation Date
Richard Irumba vs. Florence Irumba. - Application of the Matrimonial Causes and Family Proceedings Act, 1984 of England Supreme Court Civil Appeal No. 45 of 1995 11 Apr 1997
Patrick Namenkere vs. Florence Mwanja 1). Validity of a customary marriage 2). Dependant relative Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 37 of 2004 29 Nov 2002
Uganda Association of Women Lawyer and 5 Others vs. The Attorney General 1). Limitation period within which to contest the provisions of an Act of Parliament. 2). Discrimination persuant to grounds of Divorce. Constitutional Court Const. Petition No. 2 of 2003 10 Mar 2004
Steven Bujara vs. Polly Twegye Bujara Effect of Non Registration of Customary Marriage Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 81 of 2002 30 Apr 2004
Pamela Sabina Mbabazi vs. Henry Mugisha Bazira 1. The legality of Section 4 of the Divorce Act 2. The Effect of not Cross Examinating Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 44 of 2004 18 Nov 2005
Julius Rwabinumi vs. Hope Bahimbisomwe 1). Cruelty as a ground of divorce. 2). Effect of divorce on matrimonial property. 3). Child maintenance Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 30 of 2007 19 Jul 2008